The term multimedia refers to the conventional term that represents the content like text, audio, graphics, animations or video. Technically, anything that is the combination of any two or more of the above can be viewed as multimedia. In web, different contents can be found which are not text and graphics. These contents include audio and video contents. For example: a presentation that includes audio and video clips can be considered as multimedia presentation. Multimedia is usually recorded and displayed via some processing devices such as computerized and electronic devices.

The application of the multimedia platform so as to promote the products and services being offered by the business organization can be understood as the multimedia marketing. The various forms of multimedia like mobile marketing, livecasting and podcasting, photo, video and file sharing can be used for marketing the products and services worldwide in the short span of time.

The major advantage of multimedia marketing is its speed. Through the use of its unique and powerful means, it can spread the message quickly worldwide.  There are several means to use multimedia for marketing purpose such as sharing photos with the online community, hosting videos and webcasting, podcasting and mobile marketing. Its other advantages include greater immersion, enhanced page rankings for SEO and better branding.

There are also drawbacks of using multimedia marketing. Video content helps site with search engines; if the contents are not handled properly then the site ranking can be damaged. The sites with the multimedia contents load slower than the static content. Another disadvantage is the multimedia elements are not widely supported.

So the purpose of marketing is only met if and only if the use of these multimedia elements is done wisely.