Monetize with Mobile.

PPursue Recurring Revenue Models

“Think about how you can maximize the lifetime value of your customers by pursuing recurring revenue models. The most common example is subscriptions, but it’s also extremely important to think about how to generate recurring revenue creatively. For example, Rovio does this with merchandising.”

Keep it Fresh

“Continuously add content and features to keep your customers coming back. How many times have you downloaded an app and used it heavily for a few weeks only to put it aside when the content and features begin to feel stale? Web companies like Google and Facebook have been doing a good job of keeping their offerings fresh with new content and features for years. Mobile companies should do the same. After all, there is no finish line to cross with a software product – it can always be improved. Your customers can sense whether you’re committed to providing the best experience possible and when they sense a lack of this commitment, they will shift their attention and dollars elsewhere.”