The Digital Intelligence Universe is vast.  With so many moving parts it is frequently difficult to determine how best to navigate the terrain.  In order to help you navigate this we are providing some supporting resources that will be beneficial towards your gaining a better understanding as well as of helping you to support your e-Learning/e-Business journey.

For those interested in gaining an overview of the components that will help with  becoming familiar with some  the core components of the e-Learning/e-Business space here are a few options to help guide you along your journey:

WEB VIDEOGRAPHY: This Hands-On, APE video editing and creation course, equips student(s) with the ability to produce professional quality home and/or business video projects. Video production a skill set that is projected to, henceforth, be at the top of the revenue generation 'food-chain'.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Engage in an enjoyable, hands-on journey into the high-paying field of Project Management (PM). Students will learn the art-and-science of PM while they step-through the PM life-cycle into the completion of a hands-on, business or personal project portfolio item by the end of the course.

DIGITAL/WEB MARKET RESEARCH: Results of studies of the top CEO’s in the world indicate that one of the current challenges of generating valuable market research is the challenge of insuring the research team member’s possess and utilize critical thinking skills. By making use of various media, mining and delivery tools & techniques, Digital Market Research Strategies is designed to foster cognitive and real world skills in digital market research. This course creatively applies Multiple Intelligences (MI) Learning Theory methodologies to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of how to strategically develop and deploy Digital Market Research projects.

INTERACT e-SURVEY STRATEGIES:  This course will teach students to use Interactive web surveys to build and maintain their businesses effectively. Each student will explore various approaches and ways to gather and analyze valuable data using both Traditional and Next Generation e-Surveys

INTRO TO SQL SERVER: This Hands-On, MS SQL Server course, equips student(s) with the confidence and ability to expand their knowledge and use of SQL, as a revenue generating skill set, for either business or the workplace.

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